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Why The Yoga Body and Yoga Journal Are Not For You

To all those who come to yoga seeking the perfect body, ask yourself one question. Is this really the answer to your prayers? We live in a world today so fixated on our outward appearance and the way we are seen by others, but spend so little time and focus on how we actually feel about ourselves and the way we live. Why is this? Endless botox injections, plastic surgeries to make us feel worthy of love all in a hopless attempt to be accepted. As if our husbands and friends really care about us for this reason. Are we not really subconciously trying to prevent abandonment and betrayal by living in a state of constant competition with the world in hopes that we will be loved and safe. But is this really a means to safety and also, is this really a way towards better health and wellness.


So what is health and wellness? What is beauty and how do we find love? It is this that our attention really needs to turn towards. Health does not mean being on the cover of a magazine or being the most beautiful body on the beach. Sure, these things seem fantastic and we are indeed conditioned to believe that our ultimate security and sucess in this life is based upon these finite things. But here is the cunundrum, how can we expect and hope to be loved by things that do not last forever. We will die, that I can garantee you. Well, at least in the physical realm. You will age and get old and this is the way of life. Despite great advances in science and methods to temporarily hold back the hands of father time there is no escape to this. So then why do we waste such an inordinate amount of time on this the inconsequential and not how we treated others today or can I actually look in the mirror and like who I see (not because of what I look like in my body but because what I see looking back at me from within my eyes).


So what is this yoga thing all about. Ok, sure alot of people presuppose it is about being a skinny fit lady who can bend a hundred ways and look really hollier than thou and force you to want to only eat vegitables. Nooooooo! Yoga is about learning about your body, whatever kind of body you have. It is about 1st body conciousness, learning not to hurt your body, learning to love your body and be nice to yourself. Then it is about listening to your inner voice, what does it say. Do you shut it out.


For instance a friend asks you to do something you know you probably should not do, your inner voice says no this is not right and then in comes the mind to override this truth with a distortion or rationalization as to why doing this thing is possible and even a good idea. Then we do the deed and find ourselves in a state of self deprication and misery because of our lack of forethough or control. Endless times this occurs and often times on simple things like making a rude comment or mabey boasting a little too much about something. Essentially we trick ourselves enough to that we rarely hear or recognize this voice and it has a minor influence in our existance. And then, we wonder why we feel so bad all the time.


Then the next purpose or reason for yoga is about being more helpful to others. That is a whole new blog so I will stop here.


Look....while it is great to look beautiful dont confuse it with being happy. And for the record. is not about looking hot in a bikini but it is about being healthy and living a fuller more complete life where you are in tune with yourself so that you can share your real self with others. Because guess what, people like authenticity despite what the TV and media make you think. Think about it. Which do you Perfer?


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