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How it Started

I started Soul Girl Yoga after years of searching for ways to find myself, my peace, and a way to heal my soul.  I enrolled in Yoga training after trying everything to gain some foothold on my thinking and behavior which in many ways was in need of some stability and peace.  With no intention of actually teaching but more as a way to learn meditation and yoga for myself I took my first teacher training as an immersive boot camp to get my act together. 


After 20 days of living in a tent and practicing day and night, I eventually returned home and found that all my friends and family wanted lessons.  So I started teaching by popular demand and then began to teach at local resorts and hotels like Dreams Los Cabos, Esperanza, and Querencia, then later in San Diego at The Superior Court, Seaworld, Las Colinas Detention Facility, San Diego Youth Services, the San Diego City School District, Sharp Hospital, Belmont Village Senior Centers, Casa de Manana among many more locations. 


Eventually, my business grew and it seemed this was what I was meant to do.   The more I taught, practiced, and continued my service to others the better I felt.  Now 13 years and  5,000 or so yoga classes later I am still here with the same intention - to keep growing on my spiritual path, be a better person, and help others do the same.

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My mission is to help people recover from trauma, PTSD, addiction, fear, anxiety, sadness, worry, guilt, depression, lack of purpose, loss of mobility and general dis-ease by using this ancient practice to come back to their inner self and gain new tools and ways to live in a spirit of peace and joy.  


My vision is to share my practice with anyone who is in need of it.  I hope that more people can turn their lives around with this beautiful practice.  I envision a future with more concious souls working towards finding the best version of themselves that they can be.

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