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Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go Ahhh the push and the pulls of life, we ride the wave of the constant ebbs and flows, juggle the many doings of our days and yet despite it all there are things we cannot control or change. For this we have a great tool and that is the serenity prayer. God grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. With this we can remind ourselves, of what is truly in our power and what is not. For instance, other people. Sure, we can try to dissuade, convince, manipulate, coheres and try our darndest to illicit our response. ABC, right always be closing, always be in control. No means you just haven't discovered the true value point and the right problem to solve to move the person in the direction you want. This is exhausting work, and often the more we push and force the less likely the person is to do what we want. So, we have a choice: vacillate endlessly working the knot of the other persons mind and continue to chafe against the will of another until someone breaks, or let go. Someone once told me that your expectations are planned disappointments. Right! I am not saying throw goals and dreams out the window. I am saying keep it loose, learn to set an intention and at the same time give up the results to your Higher Power or the Universe, Hashem or whatever. Learn to let go and let God. Release the death grip on life. Many times, our greatest dreams are realized in the universes time and often when it does happen it happens in a way that we could never have planned. Divine providence. Release the need to control, to micro-manage life, people, things. When we find the inner balance between setting our intention and releasing attachment to the results, magical things take place. I am not sure why really; it is just part of the divine order of things. It takes a bit of faith and trust and flexibility. When we master this challenge, the vibration shifts within us. When our inner vibration changes, we attract and draw like frequencies. Think of animals if you have a pet. Have you noticed they can tell by tone, movement and intuition what vibration a person has. They can smell fear, or danger. This primitive knowing exists in us all, we just have to get out of our ego and head long enough to tap in. Tap into the grace and peace within. Release judgments, expectations and the need to control and notice how the energy changes. Patience rightly applied with right action can create more than frazzled hurrying and panic any day. So just for today: remember the serenity prayer when things get dicey. Take a breath and look at the situation , feel the situation, stay with it for a moment then reset. Ask yourself: What can I change (myself) and how can I release the need to try and control the other parts of whats happening all the while doing what I need to do right here and right now for my highest good? Blessings Friends! Namaste

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