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Tower to the Flowing River to the Sea

Its been so long since I have put heart to page and flowed from my soul. The time has come, inspired by the new freedom I have begun to feel within my heart. After all was lost in my life, my path was dramatically eroded and my direction shifted like waters of a powerful river flowing down the once dusty arid arroyos of the baja. When it rains it pours and so too my heart like a levy broke and set me free. The archetypal tower card of the tarot the ivory tower implodes and falls into the sea. Momentary despair transformed into a transcendental change. And now I am free, taking with me into the rush a collection of what can only come with one in such a situation- the lessons I have learned along the way. A new day has dawned and now shall I wield the skills and tools that came at such a high price but now with a steady hand. Despite it all, I find this to the be glory of it all really. This is life; and we like fishermen at sea with our grit, courage and tenacity, scanning the sea ahead, which is my life. I can read the sky and the air, have grown accustomed to the inner guidance acquired through sweat and tears, time and patience. It begins to take shape, this etherial elemental aspect of my individual soul upon this journey -now manifesting into works and deeds and a new way of being. Measured now my movements and somehow I finally feel at peace. There is not much I have not seen before, and I enjoy this knowledge of what is and what is not, what I seek and what I desire. This mixed with a little bit of hope and luck with breath and clear eyes. Now no longer rushing too fast, for time goes so fast anyways. Rather I want to savor it, I want to feel it all, be here and taste life, love and all that is of true value. This I my new direction as I flow from tower to the river to the sea.

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