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Tif´Eret and Healing with Jewish Mysticism

Inspired again by my dear friend and beloved soul, I have taken to the study of the Kabbalah to understand the great and wondrous teachings of the Talmud and Jewish Wisdom. An interesting voyage into a new relationship with the holiest of holies. Prompted by the gap between our customs, my perspective being one of a Catholic born Christian and his being those of a fundamentalist and a Jew, I have at great lengths been moved to understand in more depth the complex nature of my friend.

In my attempt to balance the obvious differences between his earthy and watery nature (Hessed) with my overabundance of fire (Guvurah) and exuberance I found the Kabbalah which has been invaluable in the reconciliation of these opposite sides. In fact, the very nature of the Kabbalah is a complex and anciently configured system of universal balance and inner balance which has proved in this very short period of study to be a treasure of invaluable information. One such exercise is the Tif'Eret excercize.

"Upon entering the room walk to the right wall and feel the giving flow- Hessed. Allow yourself some time to experience this free flow again. Then walk to the left wall and feel yourself withdraw into your emotional cocoon.

As you walk to the middle of the room feel that balance of the fire and water elements, mending together the internal magnetic force and the external dynamic force blending them within.

bring to mind someone you admonished recently. Feel the fire of Guvurah but then go within to the place of Tif'Eret that the gentle warm balance between the two. Find a plausible reason for this persons misbehavior and then let that reason settle in your heart. Focus on the person in your mind and see yourself projecting this warmth as waves of compassion to subdue the egocentric hurt you felt. See the person experiencing your compassionate warmth. Allow a smile to arise on that person's face. Allow yourself an inner smile as well.

Now look into your spiritual heart. See the beauty of color- green like the fresh morning grass. The innocent beauty of the tender blades flowing into your being. Allow yourself to be nourished by the softness and the color."

Rachamin means compassion and is also associated with the Hebrew word for womb. Tif'Eret means beauty. Feel the union between these concepts and terms and allow the energy of Tif'Eret to move into the embrace of your heart. Compassion allows us to open our hearts to others who are different or who may have done us a wrong or perceived wrong. When a Holocaust survivor asked Gd if it was ok to love a stranger he replied " You make strangers, I don't". Thus the distance and separation we place between ourself and another is truly the response of fear based thinking and lack of true compassion.

So today allow for the lovely light of love and compassion to move through your heart and to anothers and allow this feeling to be your hearth and safe cocoon. Gestate in this womb of love and protection and know you are safe to share this beautiful energy with those around you.

Thank you Rabbi LAibl Wolf.


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