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The Shift, Leaving Behind Old Behaviors and Friends

I awoke this morning with a powerful dream to which I applied some Jungian Psychoanalysis and discovered a powerful and amazing realization. As of late I have been working on my own personal shift from old outworn archtypes from my teenage years and have been moving into higher levels of understanding my true self and authenticity while peeling away these outworn masks of yesterday.


These masks and limiting archtypes have been holding me back for some time. The identification of these archtypes and models of living has been at times difficult and challenging. The key to their discovery, which has only recently revealed itself to me is what I like to call the internal alarm. For me my internal alarm is part of my intuitive voice, also in older days known as your conscience. I have begun to realize that when it begins to sound, via discomfort, confusion, inner rebellion that something I am doing is not in tune with my true path and true self. For years I tried to shut this inner alarm off, relegating it to me being crazy and as some type of malady of sorts. The real craziness I have come to realize now, is not listening to this inner alarm.


This alarm is likened to a kettle on the back burner often on low. We get the message and push it away, then it begins to stew and slowly increase in power in the background of our subconcious, as we try to accomodate whatever violation of our boundaries that we try to rationalize in the meantime until the kettle begins to scream and we can no longer ignore this hidden or repressed discomfort. After some serious hard knock lessons in my life due to ignoring this voice and supressing my truth I have found through the subsequent painful lessons that intuitive voice was right. I should have listened to myself but in order to keep the status quo or to perpetuate the fantasy of what I wished would happen or hoped would happen, unfortunately ignored what was really going on.


Most of us experience this in toxic relationships. We hear the voice, see the signs but rationalize that ohhh they are ok it is only a phase or tell ourselves I should not be so critical it will pass, and thus keep ourselves in a fantasy of what we hope or wish was happening or will happen as opposed to what is happening and what is going on. Thus we stay in the delusion and rationalize the situation to keep us stuck in it due to convenience or a false sense of duty intead of honoring our own divine intelligence and the voice of our intuition. In the end we always say, I knew it all along but if only I had listened.


So part of the shift is about taking the blinders off, stop forcing and be in reality. For me the shift towards wellness and true authenticity is about valuing myself and trusting my feelings and inner voice. If there is a storm brewing beneath the surface, rather than trying to stuff it or mind f%&$ the situation away we need to face it and with calm meditation step back and detatch from dillusion and illusion and go to the calm place within ourselves to take a sober look at what is really going on. If there is a state of panic or disease within it means we are doing something or allowing something that is contrary to what is real and true. At this point we must ask ourselves What is this I am feeling? Not relegate it as ohhh I am crazy or this is old stuff and my fault and I need to be more compassionate or open and let this go. No.....there is something that we must actually do to take steps to get back to the right track. To get into the flow. We must see what old behavior is getting in the way, and take this as an opportunity to look deeper and get real.


Old friends, old behaviors, old archtypes and ways of acting and being that no longer serve the place we are and want to go towards our authentic self are major causes of this inner vacillation. It is funny but in my dream this morning I was at my grandfathers house and it became invaded with uninvited guests who would not leave. Its interesting because how often does this happen in my waking life. I let things in that I know are not part of my new way of living but dont want to be judgemental or rude and then in my denial they begin to take over and I am no longer in control of my own world as I have given over my power and let other forces take control. So being in the shift and moving towards wholeness and the authentic self is about boundaries, listening to the voice and going with it. If it doesnt feel right it probably isnt right, so why try and convince yourself that it is. We need to show our inner self more respect and consideration If we dont we become overrun by people, situations and things that follow our own format of not being respectful or clear about how we would like to be treated. The longer we allow this the more overrun our life (our house) our mind becomes with these outside interlopers.


So what can be done about this....Being in the moment and listening. Thinking before acting, re-evaluate the archtypes of conduct that we have accepted by default or placed on ourselves as a mask and getting real about what really serves our best interests. As the old adage goes "We can not love anyone else unless we love ourselves first. We cannot honor anyone else unless we honor ourselves first. We can not expect to be respected and treated with respect if we are constantly ignoring our truth and placing it second." We set the tone for how others treat us.


So today ask yourself. Is my conduct really serving me? Do I want a healthy life and if so what am I doing to make that happen? If something feels uncomfortable, own it. Do something because no one is going to do it for you. You are the one who ultimately decides how your life will be and what people come into it.


Namaste Friends. Surround yourself with purity and you will be pure. Surround yourself with confusion and a carnival and you will be a clown. Sometimes we need to release old friends, old behaviors, old ways of thinking and doing things. This is what the shift is about, it is about releasing and about change. Do not be dismayed at these goodbyes for they are necessary for your growth. The old structure of self must be torn down in order for a new beautiful one to be taken place. Often times it is the very foundation upon which our ego and false self is built that must be removed. Welcome the new growth and be aware of the signs that something is not working. Use the litmus test of your inner voice to guide you. And remember what Jimini Cricket said.....always let your conscience be your guide.

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