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See Yourself Through Another´s Eyes

The depth of feeling

through the gateway of the eyes


The eyes are the gateway to the soul and if you are lucky there exist a pair of eyes in whom you can see beyond the world and into the universe back into yourself. It is where the moment becomes the embodiment of all moments, where in one person you find yourself. This is the union of infinity and it is found in our connection with another.


Some of the deepest lessons in life come from others, the greatest love comes from the ability to recognize the universal oneness in another and in that other find yourself there. Is it this merging of two souls through the eyes in a moment of truth that holds not only the key to them, yourself, but to everything.


once the walls are down, and you can see the beautiful soul of another and when you let them see you...that is when one of the great awakenings can take place. The defenses have fallen away, the channel is clear and you are for once removed from the covering, the drapery that masks your soul. Soul naked you merge, from the eyes with another, if you are lucky.


Perhaps this is the true test, the test to see how much you can trust, the test to see how comfortable you are. Not just comfortable in your own skin but comfortable without it, soul naked. Gloriously naked two souls with open hearts and without fear.


I did not realize the amazing nature of this as it felt so natural, but then in this...the after thought it has stuck me as so miraculous and fantastic, as it is so rare to feel so free looking into the eyes of another.


How often we meet the eyes of another and turn away, look away and feel that feeling of being exposed or as if we are exposing another. How frightening it often is to hold the gaze with certain people. And yet,...there is such a thing, there are such moments, moements where you melt into the moment with another and become real. A person with whom you can connect, it is safe and free. What is this and why? How is it that this can be?


In the wake of this wonderful event, I can not help but wonder why it is so hard to do this with the rest of the world. Here is a great quest. To love all people with such freedom and innocence. What miracle and heavenly wonder would this be if I or you or anyone were able to be so completely in love with everyone in the whole world. Is this possible? To be able to just gaze into each persons eyes and feel so happy, feel like you are wrapped in a beautiful warm blanket, to feel like a summer day? What an amazing thing to feel so natural.


Natural and alive. What a fantastic thing and gift it is to be here, to have the chance to meet yourself in the eyes of another one day and realize we are one.





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