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Out with the Old and in with the New

Sometimes we have to let go of people that we may love to find true love. If you love someone, they make you laugh and you enjoy their company but they are not ready for a comitted relationship based on trust and got to let them go.

Holding on to a person who is not willing nor able to love you fully back in return is a form of self sabatoge. You are essentially saying to the universe that I dont deserve a healthy and comitted relationship and this will do. Noooo.

To find true love you must be willing to sacrifice and never settle for less. While you may be saddened at the goodbyes of certain playmates and friends...this is necessary for the real prize to come to your door. You cant carry all your toys with you into marital bliss you need to let go and focus on the one that is worth bringing with you.

The master tool. The big picture. Is what you want here right now? If not...say goodbye. And when you have the power to do so you will be free to embrace that which you have been longing for. You need open arms for this. So let go of the baggage and be ready to accept with all you have within you that which you really want. Patience is a virtue. Ironically the delay in recieving this gift directly corrolates to your ability to release that which no longer serves you. Otherwise the universe will still think you are working on what you have.

People can be pacifiers but do you really want to be a baby forever. So if you have been holding on to a person as a crutch while secretly looking everyone a favor and let them go free. Decide today if you really want love. If you do stay open and free to recieve it.

Today I said goodbye to one of my pacifiers in was a dead end and we both knew it...I choose love today. I love myself enough to be free of what does not work or serve me and open myself to new possiblities in love.

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