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Moon Cycles, Mother Earth, Women and Yoga Flow

The water element, Svadistana the second within the pelvic bowl and the female reproductive system, how do these powerful forces relate to the cycles of the moon and mother earth?  The sacred power of womanhood has long been repressed in our culture.  We plug our cycles to keep moving, and pushing through our busy schedules.  The curse....some call the crimson tide of the womanly cycle.  The cycle of our birthing years runs approximately 28 days as does the cycle of the moon.

In ancient times it is believed that woman cycled on the new moon and ovulated on the full moon.  In Judism women are called to celebrate privately the womens mysteries on Rosh Kodesh which coincides with the coming of the new moon.  Today many women find that their rhythems have been disrupted by the use of artificial light, products and chemicals.  We have been called to block our power with the use of tampon...which are made of a toxic brew of chemical cleansers and agents.  We hold back our power and suppress it which can create adverse effects on the natural functionality of our womanhood.

As a test I decided to resist the use of such products as I found myself to be in great discomfort.  I wondered privately if the swelling and difficulties in my second chakra...with my digestion and distention could in some way be related to the blocking of this powerful energy.  The more yoga I did and the more I came to connect with my body through my practice the more such revelations seemed to guide me to this notion.  Remembering my teachers during our yoga trainings to urge avoidance of inversions during the moon cycle...I began to see how the use of tampons could cause a reverse of the downward flow and thus threw off my bodys balance throught the moon cycle each month.

The tides like our menstration are also effected by the energy of the moon.  In the tarot the moon is connected with womens red tent mysteries and sacred woman mysteries.  Oddly, the downward flow is also our grounded connection to mother earth. and the soul itself.  This rich iron that flows from the body can be used by pagan witches to garden during the planting time.  There is a wonderous power in this life giving power that we as women posess.  The cycles of the moon mirror the cycles of our lives and our connection to this earth plane and our existance.

The sacred blood mysteries have begun to make themselves known.  It is critical that we as yogis and women begin to re-connect with our sacred and divine power which brings us in deep knowledge of life and death, birth and re-birth, the ebbs and flows the cycles of energy and the seasons.  This is the hidden knowledge that the new moon cycle teaches us.

So on the next new moon.  Go out into the night and meditate on the night.  Plant in your garden and ground yourself by touching the rich earth.  Try to one day....and perhaps if you can your entire cycle to not use products that dam or block your sacred time of flowing and see if you find yourself more grounded, calm and powerful throught the coming days until the 4th quarter moon!

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