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Living a Purposeful Life

Often times when one begins to transition to what Wayne Dyer describes as the Meaning Phase of Our Life, there is tendency to want to abandon the world ship and the structures that we have grown to identify with. Many times we want to quit our jobs, change relationships and make a dramatic shift and throw the baby out with the bath water. Even the most conservative of people may at least once in their lives question their direction so entirely that they are tempted to make a revolutionary transformation and bring out the bulldozer and rebuild from the ground up. Somewhere beneath the surface for many, exists the idea that in order to find meaning and purpose in life that all prior held standards and structure must in some way be purged.

The archetype of the phoenix is a perfect example of this underlying notion, even historical and biblical stories of the flood and the times of Noah allude to the need in some cases to completely uproot and destroy older outworn or misguided ideologies and world views. While for much of my life I resonated very deeply with this understanding, lately I have come to question the nature of this belief and have applied it to myself in a new way.

Having now spent a considerable time in a very divergent and at least on the surface a 180 degree shift from the pastimes and preoccupations of my misguided younger years, now upon closer inspection I have come to realize that while yes it appears I have completely severed the ties to certain behaviors and conditions I have not completely abandoned everything. This brings me to the recollection, that the constant part of my being in many ways can never change and is connected to that which is beyond such a linear designation. In fact, the magnitude of this concept is beyond 3d and into 5d, if you will, for lack of a better way to convey the multidimensional aspect of the soul in the body of man. It is for this reason, that I aquies and must take a deeper look at the entire portrait of my life and existence and in this big picture view find that despite the great changes on the surface and many inside as well, there is a constant factor here.

 This constant factor is inherent goodness, which I believe exists somewhere in all mankind however apparently hidden in some cases, and is the reason that there need not be a complete demolition but rather a spiritual revamping. Take for instance the drug addict and gang member who after considerable time and years of experience upon this dark and abysmal path, finds that the beliefs that cosigned the behaviors, after time proved false. That the street credit and respect of the life as a criminal did not garner the valiant awards and feelings of power that they proported to hold for the participant. Lo and behold he finds that after all these years he has come to understand that it has born a devastating weakness despite all attempts to prove hardness and whatever else he thought would come from climbing the ranks in his crew. He finds only that he has for all attempts, moved further away from the goal he had envisioned this life would bring.

While this is a drastic example I feel that many of us if we take a sober look at our selves may find, perhaps to a lesser degree, that we may have come to a place now or at a different time that the destination we hoped for upon our path proved different than that we sought. It is at this point that we begin to question the whole set of values and ethics or strategy we have been taking. Often it is easiest to discredit the entire thing, cast off the whole shell thinking that we can completely reinvent ourselves in a different way. For people who have made a drastic shift like in my example above, walk a little bit upon this new path of the phoenix and you will find that what rises out still bears a deep connection to that layer that was shed. The butterfly is still the caterpillar and more profoundly is beyond both at the core and the deepest soul level.

The gang member no longer chooses to harm others and decides to speak and walk differently and enjoy different music and activities to redefine himself as a new entity out of the fire of transformation. Out of the cocoon he emerges but at the heart all is not bad in this man, nor was all ever bad. It was a subtle mix of various elements of being that changed state and had different reactions based on the environment and choices there in. For him he will walk for a while as this new being and find that the courageous part of him that allowed for him to commit great crimes still exists but is used for a different purpose. It is a restructuring of what was there and a cultivation of what may have existed but in stages of infancy. The tools were always there it was about repurposing them and that was the real shift beyond the smoke and fire of the inception of his decision to make a shift or change.

The concept of a complete disassociation is not realistic and that is the secret. At least not complete disassociation from who he really is on a soul level, it is a variation of the course. So how does this apply for the reader, yourself, the layman. Perhaps for you these extremes are difficult to follow and so lets take the example of the 25 year secretary who after working her way to 80 dollars an hour from 16 has come to a place that her body can no longer handle sitting at a desk, her nerves feel frazzled and she does not feel that her life purpose is being fulfilled in this capacity. Many in this position decide, I will quit my job move to a foreign country and become a yoga instructor and help others....that is my mission and calling. They do this and walk the path for some time and after a few years realize that while yes they are helping people, the skills they had to connect and help others were always there. Now, think of a person or time where someone really helped you or gave you a life changing piece of advice. Was it always a counselor or teacher? Many times yes but there are those if you look around that live the life of a sage or master without even knowing it. Perhaps the bag handler at the grocery store who is handicapped but is so happy to do his job. The nice bank teller who always says something positive and has a smile for you. There are many ways to be of service in this life.

So therefore living a life of purpose and meaning does not have to be in a healing industry, it can be in any industry, place or time. Living a purpose filled life and inspiring others is often the most profound in the way someone lives and walks their path. Whatever path it is. Therefore, living ones purpose and doing your Dharma and helping others in the big Corporation of life run by the deity of your choice or energy what have you, is an open concept. It is a free space. There are but a few general guidliness that are suggestions and seem to help get one to a happier more meaningful life but there is a lot of room for adding your own personal touch to it. You don't have to teach yoga and be a life coach to change the world, you just need to call upon and cultivate the good that is inside you. Some are patient, some are movers, some are behind the scenes and some on the front lines. The idea that one must play the heros role to be a hero is very limiting. Heros and healers come in a multitude of styles and shapes and sizes. As they say in my culture...por eso tenemos colores cada quien a su gusto. That is why God made Colors, everyone has their own preference and favorite one.

I write this because many of us in the healing world are moving back into more traditional roles, ones we felt we needed to cast off in order to do our Dharma and make a change. You don't have to change the whole thing to make a change, you just have to be a better steward over the gems that live within you and have always been there and learn to let them shine. It can be a subtle shine that no one sees only feels, that is the extraordinary quality of the soul. So with your next move in life, you may not have to move very far at all you just have to be the true soul you have always been and had perhaps only forgotten.

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