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Importance of Your Intention

The Importance of Your Intention

Amanda Luisa Rodriguez Nagy


The key to the path of least resistance and finding the flow of life is in being able to tap into that which is authentic and pure. To get real, we are called to pierce what is known in India as the veil of Maya. The veil of Maya consists of the layers of static noise that distract us from the clarity and simplicity of the truth. Maya, is the monkey mind, and the ego chatter, the preoccupation with tangible temporal transitioning aspects of life. The truth is: that which is infinite and unchangeable. Truth is the constant at the heart of the evolving and transitioning aspects of human existence where as dillusion is in essence the body of physical reality, the sheath to our spirit (which is forever present.)


To get down to the core of the what is, the true authentic aspect of existence, is the goal of the yogi on the yogic path. To peel the layers of the onion of the ego self or personality ego (see...deconstructing the fortress of fear from last month) and get to the pure matter is the intention of the yogi. The pure matter is the creative force of life. The only way to connect to that which is eternal is to recognize that the power of the that which is and always has been, is within you.


Without being so bold as to define what this is for you, I will rather reference this in an open fashion for you the reader to decide for yourself how your own connection with the Great Mystery feels and what that looks like. It is not my concern that you shall resonate completely with my personal relationship with my view of the creator, however it is my hope that you will one day come to know that there is a powerful spark of that which created all of this around you within your own heart.


For those who may not feel comfortable quite yet with this as the center for all their intentions, I pose another possible option. Set whatever intention you like, but be mindful of having one. Really look at your motivations and what energy is driving your behavior and activities. This is the key to understanding a multitude of many great things, or rather knowing one great thing. Where you place your focus is where you go. Some have used this in interesting ways. Numerous seminars and trainings exist to manifest riches and large fortunes. It often involves vision boards and visualizing the goal and desire and thinking that it already belongs to you.....And this is a great method. This is meditation in many ways. But again, going deeper we need to look at the intention. Is it only to have a nice big house and a lovely car?


If this is the sole aspect and the depth of your intention you can be sure to expect and receive a temporal and fading outcome. An outcome that will leave you not only living in the future not at all in the present moment in the grass is greener mentality of non existence and illusion, every hungry and seeking and never being filled or finding that what can never truly fulfill. Is this not self defeating? Does this really fullfill what you were hoping for?


Deepen your intention and you will find yourself in a different place. What is deeper than the desire for the big house? Look at why you want this? There is something deeper perhaps still unarticulated that you desire. Is it happiness? Then if it is happiness, then what makes this thing called happiness in your heart? Here is the fun part...write a list of times you felt truly happy. Guess what. I am fairly certain that if you are even remotely concerned with your spiritual development you will notice that your list contains a majority if not an entirety of things that have nothing to do with the big house or any other monetary aspect at all. Mabey it is the beautiful wife or husband that you seek. Again break down the motivations to its core truth and you will realize you have been missing a major point and your vision clouded by the veil of Maya.


This is the dillusion, this is where all that glitters isnt gold folks. Hello.....we are buying into the pipe dream. Believing the infomercial of this world and not tapping into the real deal. The world is a great sales person, you give your money and sign on the dotted line all on emotion and the lure of the senses. It is so funny and we all do this, we all say the old cliches and retell the fables and relate and believe things cant buy you love, or the path to hell is paved with good intentions and yet...there we go on a daily basis frolicking behind the pied piper.


Set your intention for your life. I was doing a reading for an old friend a truly special wonderful soul today and yet he has been caught in a bit of a identity crunch lately. We all are? And it is great. I saw in his cards the King of Pentacles that represents a man of wealth and riches, the King of Wands that is a honest, hardworking man of the earth and the knight of cups a true romantic and emotional intuitive youthful soul. They fell in one in the past (knight) and two in the present. One was the man he felt he needed to be according to this world and the dillusion of Maya ( a role he had been chasing with great passion) and the other was the authentic aspect of himself that he had been ignoring and had not remembered value in and the other was the young man who was neither of the two. The answer for him was to go back to the drawing board and get real about his authentic self. Somewhere in the midst of all the expectations, hopes, experience and his nature was the evolving aspect of who he was now and could be. However the mask to his true self was cloaked in heavy layers of this persona of the man of riches the world had sold him on the idea of needing to be.


I dont write this to criticize him, for his is a wonderful man. I use this as an example because we all have this same predicament. The key to finding your authentic self I believe is about getting real about intention. Looking at the big picture and then digging deep.



Get out a Piece of Paper

1. So look at the young girl or boy you were without getting stuck there write key words

2. write down the person you hope to be

3.look at who you really are (just the positive).



Next Section

1.Ok. then look at the dreams you had when young and what you believed in. Write them

2. Look at the person you think you should be or would like to become again. Write it down. Pause .....let it sink in.

What is all of this about? Why do you want to become this? What is the intent and what does it mean for you to be and have these things?


Find that answer and now go back to who you were as a youth and your beliefs and the positive about who you are now. Here is where it gets good.


Contemplate this for a while.


Now try to boil it all down to a few key words and one primary intention.


------------------------ The answer you must find for yourself at the end of all this. But I truly believe that by doing this you will have a different idea of your direction or perhaps a stronger resolve for pursuing it. Set the intention and enjoy the journey too.



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