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Finding the Flow in Your Life

Finding the flow and tapping into the beauty of life. After a great deal of vacilation and struggle and a tremendous amount of sorrow and pain from forcing and pushing my way to the top, I by the blessing of God have found the flow. I am happy to be in my own skin.


As much as self will and my designs for life seem to be that of great import, I am yet again humbled and awed by the mastery of the greater universal plan and its unveiling in my life. It seems that just when I gave up and let go and gave it to my higher power. He gave me more than I could have hoped for or realized.


There is such a feeling of peace and joy to find the blessing of another kindred soul in this lifetime. If even only for a moment, how beautiful such a moment is when the distractions of the mind drop away and one can just rest in the peace of being in the moment fully present. To be safe enough with another to let the guard down. To be with family and friends and embrace their presence.


To be onself without the show or the costume, without the mask. There the soul naked and in its glory finally safely revealed to another. So beautiful and magical.


The flow. To be safe enough to go with the flow. To be true to oneself and thus be true to others. This is what life is. This is worth more than any treasure. This is the greatest treasure. I am blessed to have been present today. I am so grateful.

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