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Deconstructing the Fortress of Fear

When asked the other day my personal opinion on the meaning of life, I without hesitation replied to love and to learn to let the walls down. It is not for me the big picture of my purpose that is so difficult but the process of living in the context of it that is a bit of the challenge. On paper it looks great, and theoretically it sounds rather simple. Live in the moment, forgive and forget, let go and surrender to win. These catch phrases on the whole are the general point of life but it is in the process of living that the subtle nuances become rather tricky.

So how does one begin this quest for true love and freedom from the bondage of self? How to be comfortable in one’s own skin but on a true soul level and to be authentic and no longer party to the inner fashion show of a thousand personas? Off with the costumes not just in our wardrobes, though some may want to start there, but also off with the roles we play and the personalities we believe define our life.

What are these masks for? Well quite simple...they are our fortress of fear, our armor against the perceived attacks of this world. Essentially, the masks we wear keep us in spiritual asylum. All these are facets of our fear and serve as the founding belief that we are in some kind of battle against those who are out to get us. For the naysayers...I will concede that yes there are some dark forces to content with in this world and there are some harsh realities that we will come to face. This I cannot deny. However, in the attempt to protect ourselves from life we end not living it fully. In fear, we take on conditioned methods of survival that we may or may not be aware of. The act and the performance we use as a shield against pain keeps us bound within, locked away inside our true nature remains hidden, without ever really letting the true light within shine out.

This true light is the light of our authentic self, not the self we feel we must be. Beyond the skin, the neighborhood, the religion, the role we play, there exists the true essence of the real self. Perhaps even the mask of artist or scientist, these seemingly important qualifiers and definitions we ascribe to ourselves to separate us or rather to distinguish us from our fellow man are the very walls that prevent us from really connecting to other people, perhaps these roles while helpful in some ways may be the very thing keeping us from knowing the real person within. This western approach at self definition, at self actualization based on the need to categorize and classify ourselves as something special or different may in fact be the very walls that construct our own fortresses of fear.

The truth be told, we are all unique and different. Certainly we have different gifts and talents that do make us our own snowflake in this universe. The key is to not focus or attach too heavily on the differences, this becomes especially helpful when working with the great lesson of compassion, though I will expound upon that in a later article dedicated more to that point.

The goal is to first deconstruct the need to keep sequestered in our niches and comfort zones and this can only happen by beginning to unravel the tangles of theses facades and identities that we so cling to for self aggrandizement and clutch to, to perpetuate the competition mentality that keeps us alone and essentially keeps up from really ever really expressing the essence of who we are beyond our accomplishments. This is a state of agitation where the next parcel of life is greener and more desirable than being present, and a state of mind that anxiously drives us from who we are within as our focus becomes who we appear to be seen as from those outside ourselves. Granted, a state of neutrality and complacency is not the method of being in the moment of which we speak. What this disarmorment is about, is rather, slowly dismantling the feudal estate of fear that we have barricaded our hearts within, as we to live in an un-evolved state that is in essence our own personal spiritual dark ages. Locked in the box of social stigmas and expectations, shining only for our momentary accomplishments and titles but remaining lost and always seeking, endlessly looking for the quick fix that will last forever.

To let love in and let your light shine, we need to tear the walls down and take the heavy curtains off the windows of the soul. This takes place over a course of time and does not need to occur all at once. The most important thing is to first recognize that there is a heavy layer of protection disguised as our identity that needs to be released. Our attachment to this role in this earth plane is very limiting to the eternal nature of the soul within. Shedding these layers is part of our metamorphosis into the butterfly of our free spirit. Lovingly let the layers come off, shed the skin and bring out the new life. We must stop over identifying with the former or contrived self and carry it upon us as a heavy yoke. Drop the sack of rocks and chain mail and run free in a state of primitive naturalism, become a free spirit and exude the nature of who you are in a natural way.

It is funny but look around and then at yourself. Are you wearing a costume, am I wearing a costume? Who is there beneath the need for Respect, and need for Adoration? Who is there that may be really happy to just be free and joy filled. These large shoes we have been wearing are too hard to fill. Walk barefoot in this life. Liberate the person within. The spirit that existed with hope before years of conditioning about who you are supposed to become clouded the truth about who you are.

Join me friends and take a loving and compassionate look deep into your eyes and the eyes of others and see beyond the illusion and the charade. Let’s tear down the Berlin wall between us and our fellow man, and most importantly tear down the fortress of fear that keeps us from seeing the true nature of ourselves.

Namaste Friends



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