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Dealing With Difficult People

Your Acre of Diamonds the Path to True Insight

Difficult People and Your Mirror Within

By Soul Girl Yoga


The concept of one´s personal acre of diamonds was shared with me in a fantastic immersion called Immersion in Love at the Soul of Yoga designed and lead by one of my great teachers Tom Kelly. The implications of this concept and its real life implication are beyond far reaching.


The person in your life who is your greatest button pusher, the most difficult to deal with and hardest to make peace with is your personal acre of diamonds. It is upon this valuable place that your greatest victory over the ego and self can take place. It is on this rocky soul that great luminosity of spirit can be born and harvested. It is in the reflection of these many diamonds and their multitude of facets and angles that our own reflection of Maya can be illuminated. In each vain attempt to blame this individual and for each fault upon which we can base a million valid arguments and justifications is the very place where our own deceit and fear is truly exposed.


The path of the yogi is a difficult path, it is laden with dragons of our own making which must be faced. Our acres of diamonds, our difficult people and situations are the battle ground upon which our necessary surrender to love must take place. Yes, this is a contrary notion, one of surrender over victory. Winning this ego-based fight over seeking amicable peace and love ... it is here where the true division between spirit and the finite, tangible, fading nature of this world collide. It is here where the sage upon the mountain of solitude ever in peace must test his spiritual mettle and truly live the teachings. This is where the mastery of life is forged. It is in this conflict, this heat, and this strife where we realize the futility of being caught in the spin cycle of blame and battle.


Easy it sounds in words and when looking at the big picture, but it is here where the forest may become lost in the trees and vice versa. This person is not the element from which to escape nor is it with them the battle must be fought. No, they are but mirrors to reflect back to us the nature of our own follies and mistakes in this life. Often that which we see in another, that we dislike, has a deep correlation to our own actions, actions often blanketed in ignorance. That is why it is so upsetting to see that which we so strive to conceal and ignore within ourselves. Yes, it is here in your acre of diamonds that self realization can occur. It is here where the God in others must be seen, it is here where the humanity in others and ourselves must be seen. It is not just them, but it is us all, all of us in our machinations and illusions. It is in these illusions where our need for defenses and blockades seperate us from the truth and our integrity as a soul.


It is the many faces of fear that we see and recognize, that which we ourselves despise when we catch ourselves falling subject to the same vices and misgivings. The answer my friends, lies in knowing that what we see in this so-called foe is really just another part of ourselves. It is here where compassion can become the bridge to connect the one heart and one mind of us all. From this first step across the bridge of compassion comes the courage to love, to forgive, to be present and to give up and surrender our control and judgments about what this person or situation needs to look like in order to satisfy the fabrications we have created in fear and have clung to as our armour in this supposed battle for survival.


The battle for survival which is in itself the defeat of love and all that that we each secretly desire, or even openly desire. It is in this war that we lose each one of us. For we are not meant to be at war, and the greatest feat of valor is not in winning and in the defeat of another but in the acceptance of another as we accept the truth that we are all here in the same boat and the awareness that we are meant really to be on the same team. A house divided cannot stand, and mansions made upon the sand are meant to fall into the sea.


Who is your acre of diamonds? See them now as they are ... your greatest teacher. If the answer or means to be in compassion and in love do not easily arise, and ... they probably will not, take the time to reflect upon this question. What is it in them that you must learn? Meditate upon this, it may take months, it may take years or it may happen in a moment. Your intention is seen by the universe but it is our actions, vigilance and resolve that make the difference. I was told once to pray for those who hurt you, bless those that curse you. Ironically however, hard as it is to do this, keep at it. Keep at it until one day you feel it in your heart. Fake it until you make it, and keep seeking. It is in this task that you will find peace. It is in this great practice that your acre of diamonds will no longer deplete you but will become the key to your greatest strength.


We are all just pieces of the same big puzzle, and each and every person in this world is a means to becoming whole. Mastery over this lesson is mastery over one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.


Thank you Master Tom Kelly for sharing the lesson of the Acre of Diamonds with me.

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