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Soul Girl Yoga

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Private Group Session- $175 
Breathing, Meditation, Powerful and Deep Raja Hatha Yoga Flow with Gentle Restorative
Cooling Postures and Yoga Nidra.
Limit- 15.  5 per additional 

Hatha Yoga -$75

The yoga of the sun and moon.  Hatha yoga is the first form of yoga to make it to the United States from the East.  It is the yoga of balance, the balance between the yin (feminine, and subtle) and the yang (masculine, dynamic).  It covers the whole spectrum of yoga asanas, meditation and breath work.  

Yin Yoga $75 per hour

Yin yoga consists of a blend of Chinese Taoist philosophies and Hatha Yoga.  The poses are held for 5-8 minutes on average and consist mainly of seated or supine postures.  The tone is deeply meditative and blends long silence with positive visualizations.

Chair Yoga and Senior Balance Classes- $60 

A 45 minute sequence uniquely tailored to your specific wellness needs.  If you have had hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder injury, lack of balance or cognitive decline one on one yoga lessons may help. 

Reiki Yoga Meditation Class- A powerful blend of three very healing energetic modalities!  $95