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Why Soul Girl Yoga?

 My mission for Soul Girl Yoga is to help each person find more joy, greater healing and a deeper awareness for the vastness of life and one´s place in the universe.

Every person is unique and has a different set of life experiences.  For this reason, each class is tailor-made to suit the unique needs and goals of each of my pupils.  I teach senior balance classes, aqua yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga for mindfulness, prenatal yoga and traditional hatha yoga for total balance and wellness.

At Soul Girl Yoga the intention is to treat the body, mind and spirit!  True healing can only be found in addressing all aspects of the human being.  That is why the word yoga means union or to yoke!  

We strive to bring the entire self into balance and thus move into the realm of the higher self - beyond the personality ego and the shallow façade of surface existence into the higher levels of spiritual awareness and deeper truths.

I am open to teach students who sincerely wish to find a level of authenticity which can only be found through observance of the a moral code, in yoga known as the yamas and niyamas, are seeking to elevate their position on the path to greater honest self discovery and are ready to initiate right action and the principles of integrity to find true joy in their lives.