Soul Girl Yoga

My mission for Soul Girl Yoga is to help each person find more joy, greater healing and a deeper awareness for the vastness of life and one´s place in the universe.

Every person is unique and has a different set of life experiences, and thus it is for this reason, each class is tailor-made to suit the unique needs and goals of each of my pupils.  

I teach senior balance classes, aqua yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga for mindfulness, prenatal yoga and traditional hatha yoga for total balance and wellness.

At Soul Girl Yoga the intention is to treat the body, mind and spirit! True healing can only be found in addressing all aspects of oneself. That is why the word yoga means union or to yoke! To fully integrate, ground and connect with all elements of not only the self but also to the world around us seen and unseen.

We strive to bring the entire self into balance and thus move into the realm of the higher self - beyond the personality ego and the shallow façade of surface existence which tends to limit and dominate us on this earthly plane. Thus we move through our practice, slowly and diligently onward towards higher levels of spiritual awareness by gradually accessing deeper truths and sacred knowledge through channeling our inner energies and connecting them to source.

Much of what we are doing in our practice is learning to remove those inner blocks that are holding us back from our true divine connection to the creative life-force of the universe. Self examination through mindfulness and discipline towards a more wholesome self. A life of honesty and integrity that is built around the aspiration of reaching a more awakened divine inner state of being so that we can transmit healing and love more abundantly to others.  

If you are ready join me as we walk the path together, I can share what I have discovered through my master teachers and their guidance and wisdom paired with my own personal revelations and discoveries over the time I have spent here on this planet seeking divine knowledge, love and healing.



Join me at my home in Rancho Las Cruces for group wellness retreats and private healing weekends!