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Quieting the Judgemental Mind
The Outdoors, Earthing Cure for the Common Mind
Through anothers eyes may find yourself
The importance of your intention
Manifest Destiny Within


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Quieting the Judgemental Mind

Quieting the Judgmental Mind

Diving into Peace Within

It has come to my attention as of late that a great deal of my lack of serenity and peace throughout my day is caused by the nagging qualities of the judging mind that seems to always have a comment or opinion.  This constantly seeking and never settled mental energy seems to switch from a relentless categorization of details and a plethora of assumptions regarding the matter at hand, to a cacophony of petty dialogues about others to then  a series of critiques and suppositions about the accuracy and methodology of my own actions and doings.

The Outdoors, Earthing Cure for the Common Mind

Outdoor Activities 
Cure for the Common Head 

There is something truly healing and theraputic about going outside into the expanse of nature and grounding the jagged and frenzied city vibrations back into their holistic roots in the outdoors.  Grounding or earthing as it is often called is a powerful medicine for the runaway mind syndrome so often developed in this fast paced planet.  To decompress from the high energy levels and telecommunications frequencies that are so damaging to the ability to focus and think clearly one must return to the primal and basic connection to the soil and the sea, the mountains and the fresh air.

Through anothers eyes may find yourself

The depth of feeling
through the gateway of the eyes

The eyes are the gateway to the soul and if you are lucky there exist a pair of eyes in whom you can see beyond the world and into the universe back into yourself.  It is where the moment becomes the embodiment of all moments, where in one person you find yourself.  This is the union of infinity and it is found in our connection with another.

Some of the deepest lessons in life come from others, the greatest love comes from the ability to recognize the universal oneness in another and in that other find yourself there.

The importance of your intention

The Importance of Your Intention
Amanda Luisa Rodriguez Nagy

The key to the path of least resistance and finding the flow of life is in being able to tap into that which is authentic and pure.  To get real, we are called to pierce what is known in India as the veil of Maya.  The veil of Maya consists of the layers of static noise that distract us from the clarity and simplicity of the truth.  Maya, is the monkey mind, and the ego chatter, the preoccupation with tangible temporal transitioning aspects of life.

Manifest Destiny Within

Manifest Destiny Within
Redefining Success in the Wild West
By Amanda Luisa Rodriguez
Man·i·fest Des·ti·ny
1.   1.  the 19th-century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable
In today‚Äôs changing Westernized World there has been a welcomed return to Eastern Ideas.  In essence we are approaching a major transformation but there are still lingering aspects of our conditioning that linger on as the end of the Kali Yuga strains to make its succession and give birth to the Aquarian New Age.

Clearing Away the Wreakage of the Past

  Clearing Away the Wreckage of the Past
Spiritual House Cleaning and Karma
by Soul Girl Yoga

Karmic Debt, the need for some serious house cleaning.  It is funny how we can be lulled into complacency when things seem like they are going well.  It is not until the s$#%t hits the fan that you realize you left behind some unfinished business that did not seem pressing at the time.  During this mini sabaticle, silly dramas and romances take center stage and the frivolous nature of our leisure time can begin to blur the lines of reality.

Out with the Old In With the New

Out with the Old and in with the New

Finding True Love 

Sometimes we have to let go of people that we may love to find true love.  If you love someone, they make you laugh and you enjoy their company but they are not ready for a comitted relationship based on trust and got to let them go.

Holding on to a person who is not willing nor able to love you fully back in return is a form of self sabatoge.  You are essentially saying to the universe that I dont deserve a healthy and comitted relationship and this will do.

Old Tapes We Play....The Negative Feedback Loop

Old Tapes We Play
Caught in the Negative Feedback Loop
By Soul Girl Yoga

So the cycle begins again, and ohhh how easily it is to fall subject to the same old trappings of yester year.  The finger pointing, blame shifting and the back and forth game of who done it.  Fighting fire with fire, relying on logic to win the day.  But who is this imagined audience we speak to from our pulpit?  We postulate and cross examine as if our battle is a mini trial and as if some imaginary judge will step out from the shadows and say.

Deconstructing the Fortress of Fear

Deconstructing the Fortress of Fear

When asked the other day my personal opinion on the meaning of life, I without hesitation replied to love and to learn to let the walls down.  It is not for me the big picture of my purpose that is so difficult but the process of living in the context of it that is a bit of the challenge.  On paper it looks great, and theoretically it sounds rather simple.  Live in the moment, forgive and forget, let go and surrender to win.  These catch phrases on the whole are the general point of life but it is in the process of living that the subtle nuances become rather tricky.

Your Acre of Diamonds...Difficult people your mirror into greater depth within your self

Your Acre of Diamonds the Path to True Insight
Difficult People and Your Mirror Within
By Soul Girl Yoga

The concept of one´s personal acre of diamonds was shared with me in a fantastic immersion called Immersion in Love at the Soul of Yoga designed and lead by one of my great teachers Tom Kelly.  The implications of this concept and its real life implication are beyond far reaching.

The person in your life who is your greatest button pusher, the most difficult to deal with and hardest to make peace with is your personal acre of diamonds.